hannah frogs

illustrator & animator

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hannah frogs

illustration & animation



Hi, my name is Hannah Frogs (Hannah van der Weide in real life). In 2020, I graduated from Art Academy Minerva, with a degree in design, majoring in Illustration & Animation. Now, I am working as an illustrator and animator, living in Groningen, the Netherlands!

In my work, I love to explore and experiment with different mediums. My favorites at the moment are watercolor painting, 2d animation, and making puppets. Repeating themes in my work are fairytales, humanity's relationship with nature, and connecting everyday occurrences with fantastical topics.

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* Tijdschrift Noorderbreedte
* De Correspondent
* ZEIT Magazin
* Support Magazine
* Risofort Press
* OPEN.BLIK magazine
* Hanzemagazine
* Dagblad van het Noorden
* Doe Maar Dicht Maar
* Alfa-College
* Rijksuniversiteit Groningen
* HAN Universiteit


Here's a selection of other things I did:

* Internship with Henning Wagenbreth
* Secretarial function Illustratie57 expo
* Animation cleanup for Studio Vogel
* Charity art auction Art on a Postcard
* Exhibiting at Illustratie57 2017
* Exhibiting at Illustratie57 2018
* TOTU Graduation exhibit 2020