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hannah frogs

illustration & animation



Are you interested in having an illustration made? That's great! I'd love to help you realise your idea. I'm available for working on many types of projects.

How does it work?

Firstly, you may contact me anytime with your idea. Don't hesitate to get in touch if you aren't certain; we can have a conversation. I love working on a variety of project, such as informative comics, editorial illustrations, book or album covers, character designs, etc.

What does it cost?

After our first contact, I will make an offer including a contract. My prices aren't set, because every project varies. If you agree with the offer, I will first ask 50% of the commission upfront before proceeding the project.


For every project, I will make a schedule based on your deadline. There will be a concept phase where I'll make several sketches and share them with you for feedback. After processing your feedback and you approving the sketch and colour palette, we will move on to the production phase. In this phase, I will be turning the approved sketch into a final artwork in the style and medium of your choosing, for example: watercolour, digital art, graphite pencil, etc.

Once you approve the illustration (there will be room in the schedule for finetuning), I will send you the invoice, and upon completion, I will send you the commissioned artwork.


Do you have an idea for an animation? Wonderful! I love to take on a variety of ideas in animation. Examples for animations are: looping animations for websites/music videos, explainimations, music videos, short films, advertisements, editorial animations.

How does it work?

You can first contact me and let me know what your idea is so we can discuss what you want and what your expectations are. Based on this initial conversation, I will make an offer including a contract.

What does it cost?

The cost of the project will depend greatly on your idea. For example, a one 10-second animation loop in digital style would cost much less than a fully animated 4-minute music video with painted backgrounds. On bigger projects, the commission will be invoiced in parts. I will always invoice a percentage of 20%-50% before the start of the project.


Time to start the project! The animation process has several phases that usually look like this:

- Concept phase: this phase consist of collecting inspiration, making sketches, and working out the look & feel of the animation. At the end of this phase, I'll ask for your feedback and adapt the concept based on that.

- Storyboarding: in the storyboarding phase, we will have agreed on character design, story/plot, and the general direction of the animation. At the end of this phase I can show you a storyboard, and a moving storyboard.

- Production phase: if you approved the storyboard, we will move on to the production phase. This phase is usually the longest one, and it means that I will be making backgrounds (if your project requires it), making rough animations which you will be able to see, and at last, making the final animation, which exists out of neat lineart, colouring and shading. We will be in contact during this process so you can stay in the loop.

- Editing & compositing: in this phase, I will be putting together all of the smaller animation scenes and giving final touches, and finally, you will be able to see the full animation!

- Finetuning: perhaps there is something you would like different at this point in the process. Because animation is quite labour-intensive, we can do small changes, or there will be some budget implications. After the last invoice goes through, I will send you the final animation!